Movers & Shakers with Stacey Ann

October 16, 2021 Episode 119

November 07, 2021 Stacey Ann
Movers & Shakers with Stacey Ann
October 16, 2021 Episode 119
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Hello Movers & Shakers thank you for Listening & Sharing! 

Great articles including the one shared from Northwest Observer regarding the resignation of Bill Post. 

with special guest Shad Olson.  

Shad Olson bio:  Shad Olson is an Emmy-winning investigative journalist,  published fiction author, radio host and commodities futures trading analyst from Black Hawk, South Dakota. In 1995, Shad lived and studied in the nation of China, gaining valuable perspective on the comparative political and economic strategies of the emerging Chinese Communist empire, information he used to sound an early alarm about the coming Chinese domination of the American political process. His fiction has been published in New Yorker magazine and Vanity Fair. His journalism has appeared in conservative publications including the Epoch Times, Big League Politics and National File.  In January 2020, Shad Olson's investigative work unveiled the secret world of gain of function virological research and the origins of COVID-19 as an exported bioweapon created in the United States and transferred to the BSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan, China.  His daily radio show and written investigative work can be found at The Shad Olson Show – A Passionate Voice for Freedom

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